The role of economic evidence is proving increasingly critical in competition cases.

At Copenhagen Economics, we help our clients understand and pre-empt competition risks, providing economic expert support in inquiries before the European Commission as well as national authorities.

Our Competition team helps clients to build and communicate clear, evidence-based arguments founded on sound competition economics. Our advice spans merger reviews, assessments of horizontal and vertical agreements, and investigations into potential abuses of dominant positions. We help clients with economic evidence, informing State Aid investigations and on market studies underlying proposals for regulatory reforms.

In the face of increasing scrutiny of this area, our dedicated team of quantitative experts supports clients and legal teams in responding to requests from authorities that are often complex and data-intensive.

Through our frequent close collaboration with the top competition law firms, we have a amassed a wealth of experience in working with client organisations across industries and countries.

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We help our clients with

We assist clients with screening for potential concerns that the competition authorities might have. We provide economic support throughout merger investigations, for example by defining the relevant market, assessing market and efficiency effects, and documenting the effect of commitments.

We assist companies contemplating mergers and acquisitions by providing analytical support to help them understand competitive implications and regulatory risks before they materialise. We regularly employ well-established and novel tools, from survey-based analyses and ‘catchment’ areas, to advanced econometric techniques.

We assist private clients with screening and measuring the economic consequences for consumers and competition of commercial activity from dominant firms or commercial agreements, for example pricing and rebates. This may be carried out either when a case has been opened or as a precautionary compliance initiative.

We help European public or private clients determine whether financial support to commercial activities constitute state aid or not using the market investor test or whether it may be allowable due to the balance test.

We help private and public clients to estimate the impact of regulatory change on competition, providing information that may be used to argue for the introduction or removal of certain regulation.

Copenhagen Economics swiftly grasped the complex issues of the case and solved the assignment with high professionalism and precision
Klaus Hansen, Director - Danish Producers Association
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