Christian Jervelund at G7 conference in Berlin

Christian Jervelund at G7 conference in Berlin

April 13, 2015

Today, Christian Jervelund, Partner and Head of the Copenhagen Economics Greenland & Mining Service, will be participating in the G7 CONNEX Consultative Conference on Defining Values for Negotiation Support in the extractives sector.

The conference is hosted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in Berlin. Together with representatives of services providers, partner countries, companies, and NGO’s, Christian will be discussing aspects of Code of Conduct, an advising document for governments in developing countries on how to negotiate contracts.

The Code of Conduct lays out duties and guiding principles of conduct for all advisors including lawyers, engineers, geologists and environmental, business, and social experts.

ABOUT the  G7 CONNEX initiative

The initiative  was launched in 2014 and is designed to provide developing country partners with extended and concrete expertise for negotiating complex commercial contracts.

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