Congratulations on four well-deserved promotions: Managing Economists

Congratulations on four well-deserved promotions: Managing Economists

March 17, 2020

We are happy and proud to announce the promotions of Anssi Kohonen, Claire F. Danielsson, Julia Sabine Wahl, and Mindaugas Cerpickis to Managing Economists. 

Anssi Kohonen joined Copenhagen Economics in 2014. His drive and commitment have been very important for the success of our office in Helsinki. Anssi delivers very high-quality work under pressure and he has shown that he can bring in projects from competition and dispute markets in Helsinki and the Baltics.

Claire F. Danielsson joined Copenhagen Economics in 2017 and has since gained various responsibilities within our IP Valuation & Transfer Pricing service as well as within people management. She leads the IP valuation side of the service and is frequently engaged as an expert witness in IP litigation cases in Sweden and beyond.

Julia Sabine Wahl joined Copenhagen Economics in 2014 and has since then worked her way up from Analyst to now Managing Economist. She takes on and solves highly important tasks within all spheres of a company as client leader, project leader, or internal leader – and she delivers in all roles.

Mindaugas Cerpickis joined Copenhagen Economics in 2016 and has since become a very successful project manager. Mindaugas will undertake important management tasks in Copenhagen Economics. He will manage many of our largest and most complex projects and will continue as a part of the daily management team of one our business units.