Congratulations on three well-deserved promotions

Congratulations on three well-deserved promotions

September 3, 2020

We are happy and proud to announce the promotions of Signe Rølmer, Charlotta Zienau and Sila Sahin. 

Signe Rølmer is promoted to Managing Economist. She has demonstrated strong capabilities as a Project Manager across a wide range of projects. Likewise, she is a deft People Manager, always ready to provide targeted and constructive feedback to our Junior consultants. Signe is a team player and works hard when the task requires it.

Charlotta Zienau is promoted to Senior Economist. She has effectively assumed a leadership role as 1) a Project Manager, taking over client leadership and management for our Swedish and international IP/TP clients, and 2) as a Team Leader, ensuring efficient client deliveries and growing team members to the best they can be.  

Sila Sahin is promoted to Economist. She has quickly demonstrated strong analytical skills, independence and an ability to lead herself, and complete tasks within tight deadlines. She has an impressive commitment towards development and improving her skills. She is reliable, benevolent and generous, which makes her a great asset in our team.