Copenhagen Economics at EU Pharmaceutical Law Forum

Copenhagen Economics at EU Pharmaceutical Law Forum

November 19, 2020

At yesterday’s EU Pharmaceutical Law Forum conference, our Managing Partner Christian Jervelund and Managing Economist Julia Sabine Wahl presented insights on the affordability of medicines, price transparency, and market access.

Christian Jervelund participated in a panel discussion, discussing market access and innovative pricing models. There is a severe need for such models to substitute price discount negotiations, especially for curative therapies for rare diseases and how to make that happen case by case.

Julia Sabine Wahl and Christian Jervelund later hosted a round table discussion, focusing on the big showdown around medicine prices and what it means for pharma and payers in Europe. The discussion brought out interesting insights on the need for innovative and outcomes-based ways to build in product value into price negotiations, the need for a better incentive framework for orphan medicinal products, and the importance for a competitive level playing field for marketing pharmaceutical products.

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