Copenhagen Economics awarded a prestigious EU contract

Copenhagen Economics awarded a prestigious EU contract

April 13, 2015

Copenhagen Economics has been awarded the contract to conduct a study on the “Main Developments in the Postal Sector 2008-2010” for Directorate-General Internal Market & Services. The current study is the third in a row of monitoring studies that have been commissioned by the DG since 2006. It comes in a period of particular relevance for the EU postal sector in the wake of the expected full market opening by the end of 2010 for a number of Member States.


The study sets out to identify regulatory and market developments and assess them in light of the objectives of EU postal reform. The study will also contain an indication of any necessary steps to improve the application of the postal acquis and provide further perspectives for market opening and its future perspective in the wider communication sector.


During the course of the study, Copenhagen Economics will present its progress at workshops organised periodically by the client in Brussels. The complete study will be published at the end of 2010.

Copenhagen Economics’ rich experiences in the postal sector and our record with project execution and management have been instrumental in winning the contract.


For further information, please contact partner Henrik Ballebye Okholm