Copenhagen Economics present at Competition Law Central & Eastern Europe

Copenhagen Economics present at Competition Law Central & Eastern Europe

September 28, 2020

At yesterday’s Competition Law Central & Eastern Europe conference, our experts Director Dr Adina Claici, Managing Economist Dr Norbert Maier, and Managing Economist Mindaugas Cerpickis presented insights on market definition and recent developments.

Norbert Maier discussed the European Commission’s revision of the notice on market definition and the issues that digital business models raise: the use of SSNIP in zero price markets, definition of multi-sided markets, the role of data.

Adina Claici
provided a step-by-step example of how we’d define the market for an e-commerce platform, looking at alternatives for consumers and sellers in the product and geographic spaces.

Mindaugas Cerpickis presented a concrete case on market definition in the Italian parcel delivery segment, where Agcom found Amazon to be dominant in one of the 12 separate relevant markets it defined. This is a key topic when we see e-commerce platforms entering the delivery business, and becomes even more important given accelerated online shopping by Covid-19.

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