Copenhagen Economics responds to Sydbank investment analysis

Copenhagen Economics responds to Sydbank investment analysis

April 13, 2015

Last week, the Danish bank Sydbank released a short analysis of the current investment level in Denmark. The analysis was referred to in the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten, saying that the current level of private investment in Denmark is not a challenge. The article also claims that the Sydbank analysis dismantles the conclusions previously presented by Copenhagen Economics.


Copenhagen Economics has conducted a range of analyses and reports to assess the investment climate in Denmark on behalf of Axcelfuture. Our conclusion is clear: the Danish economy is facing serious challenges with respect to the level of private sector investment.


Having reviewed the short analysis from Sydbank, we conclude that the analysis cannot be used to dismantle our conclusions. The Sydbank analysis is based on what the bank calls a ‘calculation trick’; calculating the investment quota in fixed prices rather than the standard measure which is in current prices. In our assessment, this leads to wrong conclusions. There are still significant challenges with the level of private investments in Denmark.


Read our analysis (in Danish) of the Sydbank article For further information please contact Partner Martin H. Thelle