GCR 2021: Increased demand for advanced economic advice in Norway

GCR 2021: Increased demand for advanced economic advice in Norway

January 22, 2021

Copenhagen Economics has interviewed five prominent Norwegian law firms for the chapter on Norway where we discuss the use of competition economics in the Norwegian market.

With the introduction of larger fines for competition law violations alongside powers allowing for large-scale sectorial investigations, the Norwegian Competition Authority (NCA) has proclaimed a new era of stricter competition law enforcement.

In addition to increasing demand for advanced economic advice in specific cases and in dialogues with the NCA, this development has also placed competition questions at the centre of companies’ compliance work. Compliance with antitrust rules has subsequently increased in importance as an advisory service for the majority of the of the law firms interviewed. The Norwegian lawyers we spoke to generally agreed that the NCA’s priorities and enforcement of competition law are effective in deterring companies from violating the competition law.

Learn more about the GCRC’s Enforcer Hub’s chapter on Norway, written by Henrik Ballebye Okholm and Erik Lindén.

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