Global Competition Review’s Enforcer Hub 2021 released

Global Competition Review’s Enforcer Hub 2021 released

January 14, 2021

Writing for GCR’s Enforcer Hub, Copenhagen Economics investigates some of the most notable competition cases from the past year. Drawing on interviews with the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (DCCA), the Competition Council and prominent Danish competition lawyers, we examine notable and anticipated developments in the competition landscape.

Over the past 12 months, the DCCA and the Competition Council formally approved decisions on a variety of competition cases, including mergers, anticompetitive agreements and abuse of dominance.

In line with previous years, the DCCA continued its focus on economic analysis, which was applied mainly in the larger cases. Most notable in this respect are the two Phase II merger cases, one of which was approved with remedies (SEASNVE/Ørsted), while the other was withdrawn by the parties (Huscompagniet/Eurodan).

Learn more about this GCRC Enforcer Hub chapter on Denmark, written by Henrik Ballebye Okholm and Torben Thorø Pedersen.

An extract from GCR’s Enforcer Hub. The whole resource is available here

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