“My plan is to work as long as my mind is clear”

“My plan is to work as long as my mind is clear”

June 10, 2020

Karnov Group just published an article portraying our Senior Associate Henrik Rothe, whom we are very pleased to have in our team. 

In particular we are delighted that Henrik, at the age of 71, has no intention of retiring: “It is not in my nature to retire at all. I’m happy to work, and I’ve been offered a number of jobs that I think are deeply interesting and require a steep learning curve that I’m in right now” – Henrik Rothe.

At Copenhagen Economics, Henrik performs quality assurance of our economics contributions in complex legal cases, he supports our economist consultants in how to integrate economics insights into legal processes and how to deliver expert evidence to courts or arbitration panels.

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Read more about the article (the article is in Danish).