NEEM Hub moving forward: phase two to develop solutions in scaling up green mortgages

NEEM Hub moving forward: phase two to develop solutions in scaling up green mortgages

January 13, 2022

A part of the existing Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative supported by Horizon 2020, the Nordic Energy Efficient Mortgage Hub aims to scale-up lending to energy renovations in the Nordics and will publish a blueprint on how to accomplish this which will be implementable in other regions of Europe and, indeed, the world. In striving to increase energy renovations, the NEEM Hub will help achieve the targets of the European Green Deal and contribute to addressing ambitious national climate targets.

The first phase of the NEEM Hub project, the “identification process”, has been focused on establishing a comprehensive list of solutions aimed at reducing the energy efficiency gap, and subsequently determining the net list of solutions and Minimum Viable Products to be developed, in close collaboration with financial institutions.

In addition to the lunch event, we have published two reports to support the work of the NEEM hub. An analysis of the regulatory and supervisory landscape relative to energy efficient mortgages has been made by Luca Bertalot and Jennifer Johnson from the European Mortgage Federation. It was published under the NEEM Hub to provide needed guidance to financial institutions on the compliance and alignment needed due to the regulations imposed to enhance the green agenda. The report can be found here. A second report, analysing the data foundation in the Nordic countries, has recently been published. It details the current state of the supply of digital data available to banks in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark for the purpose of scaling up energy-efficient mortgages. This was overseen by Marianne Haahr from the Green Digital Finance Alliance. The report can be found here.

We will now embark on the second phase of the project, “solution development”, which constitutes the bulk of the work for the NEEM hub, namely developing the solutions and Minimum Viable Products identified in the first phase of the project. Conducted in close collaboration with our partner banks, this next chapter of the NEEM Hub will ultimately make it possible to test our findings in the participating financial institutions.

As Consortium Leaders, Copenhagen Economics would like to extend their profound gratitude to the organisations and individuals that are contributing to the project with such dedication and proactivity.