New record in the integration of the Øresund Region

New record in the integration of the Øresund Region

April 13, 2015

For the eighth year in a row, Copenhagen Economics presents the Øresund Index. The index is produced for Öresund Industri- & Handelskammare and measures the integration between the Danish and Swedish sides of the Øresund Region. The Øresund Index 2008 shows an increase in the integration compared to last year – it reaches 72 which is 4 index points higher than in 2007. The expected value of a fully integrated Øresund Region is 100.


The increase in integration across Øresund is primarily due to the development on the labour market. Danish companies have increasingly focused on Swedish labour resources and many Swedes have found work in Denmark. As a consequence, the traffic across Øresund has also increased. Trade activities and cooperation between Swedish and Danish companies has, on the contrary, decreased.


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