New study: A real opportunity to transform Jokkmokk

New study: A real opportunity to transform Jokkmokk

September 21, 2017

Today, Beowulf Mining Plc., a mineral exploration and development company with projects in Sweden and Finland, publishes the report ‘Kallak – A real asset, and a real opportunity to transform Jokkmokk’, prepared by Copenhagen Economics.

The report compiles socio-economic work carried out on the Kallak iron-ore project in Northern Sweden, and summarises the potential of the Kallak project to transform the local economy of Jokkmokk, the Norrbotten region, and Sweden.

Furthermore, the report outlines a plan for how to fully exploit the economic potential in close collaboration with local stakeholders and through commercial partnerships. This follows from Copenhagen Economics’ approach to local value creation and matches the development philosophy of Beowulf Mining Plc. 

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