New study: Danish fertility industri is big business

New study: Danish fertility industri is big business

April 13, 2015

Copenhagen Economics has conducted a study of the Danish fertility industry for Ferring Pharmaceuticals.


The study shows that Denmark posses a world class fertility cluster consisting of research, public and private clinics and businesses producing technical equipment, medicine etc. The cluster had a total turnover of 1.1 billion DKK in 2011 of which more than 60 per cent went to export. The drivers behind developing the cluster are 1) close cooperation between public and private clinics and business, which increases the speed with which research is transformed into new products and services and 2) liberal rules and a three free treatments provided by public clinics, which increases learning and experience.


The cluster is a testament to the fact that Denmark’s strong position in pharmaceutical can be exploited to spill over into strong private treatment facilities able to export their treatments generating jobs and growth. Private treatment facilities including private hospitals and care services are, however, basically absent from the general Danish health care system. The consequence is probably a current and future loss of high productive jobs and economic growth.


Børsen featured the study here


The full report can be downloaded here

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