New study: Improved delivery services can boost e-commerce in the EU

New study: Improved delivery services can boost e-commerce in the EU

April 13, 2015

Copenhagen Economics has conducted a study on delivery of e-commerce on behalf of the European Commission.


In 2012, the EU B2C e-commerce market grew by approximately 20 per cent to around 250 billion Euros. Between 2013 and 2016, an annual increase in e-commerce of more than 10 per cent is expected for the entire European region.


The study looks into how delivery of products bought online can be improved to increase both domestic and cross-border e-commerce in Europe.


Our main conclusions are

  • Delivery related aspects are important for decisions to buy online
  • 38 per cent of e-shoppers are dissatisfied with one or several aspects of delivery when shopping online
  • The greatest dissatisfaction is experienced in relation to returns, delivery prices, delivery speed, and value added delivery services such as track and trace
  • Delivery operators and e-retailers can help boost e-commerce further by improving their provision of information about delivery, by targeting delivery service offerings to user needs, and by improving delivery performance in terms of more successful delivery attempts and on-time deliveries.

Download the full report from the European Commission’s website

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