The great game of spectrum auctions

The great game of spectrum auctions

April 13, 2015

Simon Edkins, our spectrum auctions expert, talks about the complex game of spectrum auctions in Berlingske Business Magazine today. 


When Simon, together with other experts, is to decide which strategy will ensure the best results in an auction of mobile spectrum, the price can amount to triple-digit millions, and the outcome can make the difference between an abrupt end or a glorious future for a telecommunications company.


In the article, Simon unveils how unpredictable and complex spectrum auctions are: "There are many unknown factors to be taken into account. I have been to auctions where we had over three billion possible outcomes in our algorithms", Simon says. "I can leave my home with an expectation to be back in two weeks, and then it takes five. And in the meantime I can not say anything to my wife about when I am coming home, the phone can be tapped, and if I say that we expect it to be over soon, or that there is still much to be done, it may be an information, competitors can use against us. "


Read the article (in Danish)


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