The Handbook of Competition Economics 2016 is out!

The Handbook of Competition Economics 2016 is out!

December 8, 2015

Copenhagen Economics has once again contributed to the much acknowledged Handbook of Competition Economics.

Two of our competition experts, Henrik B. Okholm and Søren Andersen, have composed the handbook chapter on Denmark. They particularly point out that interviewed competition lawyers welcome the reform of the Danish Competition Council, as they remark that the Council had previously proven ineffective. The Competition Council now has only seven members, who all have specialist backgrounds in either law or economics. Previously, the Competition Council had 18 members, including a number of representatives from industry, business and labour organisations.

Read the full chapter regarding Denmark (an extract from The Handbook of Competition Economics) 

The Handbook of Competition Economics is published by Global Competition Review (GCR). Its expert-written specialist intelligence and research provides unique insights into and analysis of current and future competition economics trends.

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