We cannot afford thinking in economic box structures

We cannot afford thinking in economic box structures

April 13, 2015

In the latest issue of BestPractice, Christian Jervelund argues that the Danish health care system and the Danish economy can profit considerably from applying socio-economic perspectives when considering health care investments:


“Often, money used to cure patients will pay for itself through healthy citizens working and paying taxes, not needing long-term care, and not claiming public benefits. Hence, when the health care sector spends more public money to make people well, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration saves money over time from fewer payments to early retirement, and the IRS will receive more money in income tax. Nevertheless, profitable health care investments are not always carried out, as Regions are not financially compensated for their additional investment expense by the surplus arising from e.g. lower early retirement expenses.”


Read the full article (in Danish) here


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