Webinar: State funding to support postal operations

Webinar: State funding to support postal operations

June 25, 2021

Copenhagen Economics is honoured to support UPU_UN and its International Bureau in research and discussions around the Covid-19 impacts on postal regulation.
A related webinar series hosted by UPU_UN started on 22 June, and will continue next week. The aim of these webinars is to provide member countries with a comprehensive and informed view on how to sustain postal services under these new circumstances.

The next webinar takes place on 29 June at 13.00 (CET), which focuses on “State funding to support postal operations”. Copenhagen Economics expert Director Dr Bruno Basalisco will moderate the panel discussion of experts such as:

  • Germán Vázquez, European Committee for Postal Regulation
  • Emil Dzuray, USPS.

The third and final webinar on “Quality of service: Tensions ahead?” will take place on 1 July.

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For further information, please contact Director Dr Bruno Basalisco