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We provide pragmatic solutions

Engaging with us, you get fact-based and precise economic arguments when you are preparing for important strategic decisions, working to reform regulatory impediments, engaging in legal conflicts, or aiming to communicate your economic value to stakeholders.

We help law firms, private companies, regulators, and policy makers all over the world. Every year, the independent work of our experts results in more than 200 publications based on established research methods and in-depth sector knowledge.

We are dedicated to 14 service areas

We help you with climate polices and the wider climate agenda, with focus on how to cost efficiently reach respective climate targets. Learn more

We help you build and communicate the best economic argument when you face interest or intervention from competition authorities. We have broad experience using qualitative and quantitative tools such as SNIPP and UPP in market definition and effects assessments, for example using econometric and model-based tools, in both one- and two-sided markets. Learn more 

We help you build the best possible economic argument and communicate it to courts and arbitrators. We excel in the analysis of causality and quantitative damage assessment, especially in the counterfactual world of what-if. Learn more

We help you with sound policy advisory on the energy sector spanning the entire energy value chain, both for producers and consumers. Learn more

We help our clients to successfully navigate and influence regulation and policy design, leveraging our considerable financial service experience to achieve the optimal outcomes. Learn more

We help our clients to evaluate and design policies appropriate to the reality of a small, highly specialised Arctic economy. Learn more

We help you adapt to new regulatory landscapes such as the ongoing transition from activity-based to value-based healthcare delivery and help clusters stay attractive in the global competition for life sciences industry. Learn more

We help by influencing trade negotiations, often by quantifying impacts of new policies on individual countries, industries, or products for companies, trade associations, and governments. In particular, we have provided economic impact assessments of TTIP and BREXIT. Learn more

We help you defend your case against tax authorities and other public bodies as well as against private opponents in case of IP disputes. We assist in quantifying the economic value of various kinds of intellectual property and intangible assets, employing state-of-the art economic models. Learn more

We help you understand, predict,and solve problems that occur in postal and delivery markets worldwide. Learn more

We help private and public companies in preparing State aid notifications, assess the existence of aid, and quantify damages resulting from unlawful State aid. Learn more

We help you gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that drive auctions, to reap profitable insights, and make superior decisions. We have experience from more than 20 auctions and tenders in more than 10 countries. Learn more

We help telecoms, media, technology and digital clients to build and communicate their best economic arguments. Learn more

We help you design economic regulation and measure economic impact, and we advise in competition policy cases. We have extensive competition policy expertise and an in-depth understanding of different transport network servicesLearn more

Copenhagen Economics A/S

Copenhagen Economics is one of the leading economics firms in Europe. Founded in 2000, we currently employ more than 90 staff operating from our offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, and Brussels. The Global Competition Review (GCR) lists Copenhagen Economics among the Top-20 economic consultancies in the world, and has done so since 2006.

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