Handprint action: Giving back to the community

Pro-bono work

Copenhagen Economics is an expert-driven consulting company built on a deep knowledge of applied economics. We believe that sound economic analysis can equip decision-makers with the Hard Facts and Clear Stories necessary to make better choices for the benefit of society. This is the driving force behind every project we take on.   

Through our recently adopted Pro-Bono initiative, our established team of skilled economists is offering their professional services to charitable organisations as a way to tangibly give back to the community. 

How can we help? 

We envisage that, as economists, we can provide value to social impact organisations through:  

  • Impact assessment or cost-benefit analyses to, e.g., quantifying the socioeconomic benefits of different initiatives 
  • Understanding and analysing data to help organisations make more informed decisions  
  • Assessing the impact that different initiatives have on their beneficiaries
  • Effective communication of findings to policymakers or other stakeholders in an evidence-based, clear and compelling manner 

Our work

Our team is committed to helping cultivate a sustainable future for our societies and our planet.

You can get an overview of the areas we work in here on our Services page.

We are also open to requests for pro-bono work on any topic and would encourage you to reach out for an informal virtual coffee to introduce ourselves and brainstorm ideas together. If you have a task that is relevant to your charitable organisation that you feel we can assist with, please get in touch!


Please feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss your idea:

Tuomas Haanperä

Recent projects

Loneliness is an escalating issue in Denmark. Economists Without Borders, Copenhagen Economics, and Impactly have recently introduced Ensomhed i Tal (in English: Loneliness in Numbers), a tool designed to assist organisations in calculating the socioeconomic benefits of their initiatives. Read more below.

New tool assesses the impact of initiatives against loneliness