Report on pricing of raw copper
Copenhagen Economics delivers new report to the Danish National IT and Telecommunications Agency. The report evaluates two specific issues regarding the pricing of access to the raw copper i.e. the part of the telecommuncations network which connects the end user to the local switch. Further information: Dr Claus Kastberg Nielsen Read the full report in Danish
Significant gains from global services liberalisation
Services are an integral part of the global economy, but liberalisation of international services trade has received relatively modest attention. In an analysis prepared for the Danish Agency for Enterprise and Construction, Copenhagen Economics uses a computable general equilibrium (CGE) model to show that significant economic gains can be realised from reducing barriers to services trade. Global gains could reach €115-210 billions each year, and developing countries would receive relatively larger gains than developed countries. On the national level, the Danish economy could gain at least 2 000 new jobs. Further information: Mr Christian Jervelund Read the report online in Danish