Jonas Bjarke Jensen

Managing Economist

Managing Economist Jonas Bjarke Jensen leads our financial sector practice. With his extensive experience in financial economics, regulatory impact assessments and macro-finance, Jonas helps clients understand what drives changes within the financial sector and offers advice to clients on how to response to these changes.

Jonas excels at getting to the bottom of complex financial and regulatory issues, identifying key drivers, and communicate results in the intuitive manner typical of the Clear Stories that Copenhagen Economics provide.

Examples of his work include advising the European Commission on how to improve the EU equity markets, advising the European financial sector on the impact of capital requirement regulation, and assessing the impact of new regulation on the security markets.

Most recently, Jonas has been a driving force in starting up the Nordic Energy Efficient Mortgage (NEEM) Hub which is tasked with scaling up lending to energy renovations in the Nordic banking sector.

I help our clients by providing intuitive insights from the complex web of challenges the financial sector faces the coming years; increasing regulatory pressure, digitalisation and response to climate change.


Phone: +45 2619 4178
Office: Copenhagen
Education: M.Sc. (Economics)