Jouni Sohkanen

Managing Economist

Dr Jouni Sohkanen supports his clients in commercial and competition law-related disputes, as well as in their engagement with competition authorities and regulators. Jouni is an econometrician with broad international experience in advising both private and public sector clients, and in supporting both claimants and defendants in litigation. He has worked on stand-alone and on follow-on claims, and with different claim aggregation models.

Before to joining Copenhagen Economics, Jouni worked for another European economic consultancy in the United Kingdom and in Germany. Jouni’s academic background is from the UK, where he earned his doctorate from the University of Oxford and held a position at the University of St Andrews. 

Jouni manages projects that call for complex interactions across geographies and between clients, external counsel, and consulting teams. He has played a key role in ensuring consistency and robustness of analytical approaches in a number of long-running cases. He collaborates closely with counsel to feed a thorough understanding of the implications of economic evidence into strategic decisions at the right time.


Phone: +45 3179 4831
Office: Copenhagen
Education: Ph.D.(Economics)

Areas of expertise

Dispute Support