Neil Gallagher

Managing Economist

Neil Gallagher is Service Leader for our TMT & Digital and Tender & Auction Support services. He supports public and private clients across a wide range of industries, including telecoms, tech, healthcare and energy, in relation to competition cases, regulation, advocacy, and high-stakes auctions and tenders.

Neil is an experienced project manager, who is skilled at bridging the gap between the bigger picture and the important details. He is focused on ensuring that our economic contribution is relevant and provides value to the client.

He especially excels at applying his analytical mindset to quickly identify the key issues and their implications. He is skilled at communicating the results of complex quantitative analysis in a clear and intuitive manner.

Aside from working as a consultant, Neil has lectured in auction theory at the University of Copenhagen. In 2019, he was identified as one of top 100 “talents” in Danish business by Danish newspaper Berlingske.

I enjoy tackling complex economic issues and communicating the results in a way that is relevant to our clients


Office: Copenhagen
Education: M.Sc. (Economics)