Trine Kærslund Bundsgaard

Senior Economist [leave]

Trine Kærslund Bundsgaard helps clients by combining knowledge of competition economics with quantitative skills to carry out sound economic analyses that address the concerns of competition authorities – both quantitatively and qualitatively.

She has great experience in the field of competition economics. Especially within mergers, having conducted large scale analyses of some of the largest mergers in Denmark, from the authority side. Moreover, she has great experience in conducting quantitative analyses both within and outside the field of competition.

Trine especially excels at understanding how a competition authority thinks and how an authority might value evidence. Moreover, she excels in conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses within mergers, advanced data analysis, and programming. 

Prior to joining Copenhagen Economics, Trine worked for the Danish Consumer and Competition Authority in the department of media, telecommunications, and mergers.

I create value by combining my knowledge of competition economics with my strong programming skills to conduct sound economic analysis


Phone: +45 5188 2682
Office: Copenhagen
Education: M.Sc. (Economics)