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The economic consultancy Copenhagen Economics strengthens its competition economics services when Henrik Rothe, former Chief Justice of the Maritime and Commercial High Court in Denmark, joins the company as a Senior Associate. Henrik will provide guidance and support on issues where competition law and economics intersect. He will be a valuable contribution to the current team with his deep understanding of enforcement law as well as his significant experience within arbitration and litigation.

Henrik Rothe joins Copenhagen Economics after having served eight years at the Maritime and Commercial Court. He has more than 25 years of legal experience with business law, in particular within arbitration and litigation. His areas of specialization include but are not limited to intellectual property valuation, competition law, and international trade law.

I am very happy that Henrik decided to join Copenhagen Economics. We are confident that Henrik’s profound legal knowledge will significantly improve the value that our work within competition economics can bring to clients in complex legal cases at competition authorities and in courts”, says Claus Kastberg Nielsen, Partner and Founder of Copenhagen Economics.

With his strong legal background, Henrik will perform quality assurance of our economics contributions in complex legal cases, he will train our economist consultants in how to integrate economics insight into legal processes, including how to deliver expert evidence to courts or arbitration panels, and with his extensive legal network among European lawyers, he will be a valuable asset in our strategy to further expand our activity to all Europe.

I am looking very much forward to join Copenhagen Economics. I have had the pleasure to see Copenhagen Economics deliver high quality opinions and rapports in several court cases as court or party appointed experts, and I hope to be able to add even further value to the services of Copenhagen Economics” says Henrik Rothe.

Henrik Rothe joins Copenhagen Economics as Senior Associate 1 February 2019. He retires from a position as Chief Justice of the Maritime and Commercial Court. Prior to that, Henrik worked as Secretary General of the Danish Law and Bar Society from 1995 to 2009 and has also served as member of several legislative bodies and committees.


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