Assessment of aviation policy as a driver of economic development in the West and Mid West of Ireland

While economic growth has been strong in Ireland following the financial crisis, much of this has been centered in and around the Greater Dublin Area. However, as a peripheral region, air connectivity is crucial for regional economic development in the Mid-West, where aviation policy is of great importance to ensure sustainable economic development in all of Ireland.

The analysis is based on an assessment of the national and regional economic growth, focusing on the role of the aviation sector. We show that Shannon Airport has a large positive impact on the local economy and, importantly, that untapped potential exists, which would increase local and Irish GDP overall, as well as lift the pressure on the capital region. The analysis is based on both direct, indirect and induced effects, as well as catalytic effects.

The analysis further investigates the economic potential from opening new routes in and out of Shannon, emphasising the importance of expanding international outreach and maintaining access to the European Single Market in the aftermath of Brexit.

The main conclusions of our study are that:

The study is commissioned by Limerick Chamber in association with Galway Chamber, Ennis Chamber, and Shannon Chamber.