Bid strategy support in the 2021 5G spectrum auction, 3 Sverige (Hi3G Access AB)

In 2021, the Swedish spectrum regulator ran an auction to allocate frequencies in the 3.5 and 2.3 GHz bands. These bands are potential “5G” bands and essential to roll out the next generation of mobile networks.
The auction employed a simple clock format with customised exit bid rules.

We supported 3 Sweden in the consultation phase in order to ensure good auction rules and the right spectrum caps (and “floors” to guarantee each MNO a certain amount of spectrum).

We drew upon our experience from previous spectrum auctions as well as our knowledge of auction theory to analyse the auction rules and map out potential bid patterns. We probed the auction rules for potential loopholes which could enable our client to win more spectrum at favourable prices.

Date of execution: 2020-2021