Critical metal value chains – Deep dive into barriers and policies for a battery value chain

This report is the second background report we did for our client Tillväxtanalys in their preparatory work for the report Innovation-critical metals & minerals from extraction to final product – how can the state support their development?

In our first background report, we found that value chains in special alloys and permanent magnets based on rare earth elements, and battery manufacturing based on graphite and lithium mining could possibly develop in Sweden by building on existing strongholds in mining, finance, energy, chemicals and motor vehicles. We also found, however, that a number of barriers that could hinder the value chains from developing on their own were present. In particular, we found that both green tech products intense in rare earths’ and lithium-batteries were characterised by extraordinary high risk that needed be addressed through innovation policy, coordination across stakeholders along the value chain, and through a stable regulatory regime.

The aim of this report is to dig a bit deeper into the barriers for a (graphite-) battery manufacturing value chain in Sweden and to suggest policies that could remedy them.

The main conclusions are:

The study is commissioned by Tillväxtanalys


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