Economic value of the Swedish Mining Cluster – Today and in the future

Original title: Det Svenska gruvklustrets ekonomiska värde – Idag och i framtiden

Metals are everywhere. We use them increasingly in our everyday life, e.g., for communication and transportation.  Yet, mining tends to be a low interest area from a political point of view. Sweden has an important mining industry, which by working closely together with specialised suppliers, industrial partners and customers in e.g. steel manufacturing, has formed an entire ecosystem around it, also known as “the Swedish mining cluster”.

Copenhagen Economics A/S has been commissioned by Svemin, the Swedish association of mines, minerals and metal producers, to analyse:

We start by defining the Swedish mining cluster, as no official definition exists. Based on input-output modelling and interviews with key stakeholders we estimate its economic contributions to society. Further, we outline the future potentials offered by the mining cluster, as well as barriers which must be overcome.

Specifically, we find that: