Flash glucose monitoring: The societal net cost of offering flash glucose monitors to people with type 2 diabetes on insulin treatment in Norway

Original title: Flash glucose-måling: Totalkostnaden ved å tilby flash glukosemåling til personer med insulinkrevende diabetes type 2 i Norge

Flash Glucose Monitors are medical devices that help people with diabetes monitor their blood sugar. The devices offer people with diabetes an alternative to the conventional finger pricking method.

Academic research suggests that using a flash glucose monitor can reduce the risk of harmful and unpleasant complications from diabetes, such as hypoglycaemia and late-stage complications, leading to lower use of healthcare services and improved labour market participation for the users of flash glucose monitors. Due to these positive effects, the societal net costs of offering flash glucose monitors to patients are significantly lower than the purchasing cost of the monitors.

The main conclusions of our study are

The study (available below in Norwegian) is commissioned by Abbott Norway.