Forecast of effects of Google’s Danish data centre

Google is establishing a large-scale data centre in Fredericia (Denmark). Google already operates four data centres in Europe in St. Ghislain (Belgium), Hamina (Finland), Dublin (Ireland), and Eemshaven (the Netherlands). Large-scale data centres, such as Google’s, represent very large investments, proven to have positive effects on the country and local economy. Google has announced to invest DKK 4.5 billion (EUR 600 million). in Denmark

This note forecasts the economic effects of the Google data centre in Denmark. Our forecast is based on Google’s planned investment for this data centre and past experiences from Google’s other data centres in Europe. We find that:

We forecast until year 2024. Our forecast of economic effects in Denmark relates to the investment announced so far for Denmark; however, if the data centre is expanded in the future, further economic benefits would follow – as we have seen with Google’s other data centres in Europe.

The study is commissioned by Google

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