Handbook for Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEIs)

Original title: Viktiga project av gemensamt europeiskt intresse (IPCEI:s) – Handbok för svenska företag

This publication is in Swedish

Investment support via the IPCEI framework exists to assist large and highly innovative projects of common European interest. Such projects should bring together knowledge, expertise and financial resources from organisations throughout Europe to tackle market failures and societal challenges that cannot be handled by the market on its own.

For future IPCEIs, the European Commission has put an emphasis on a more open and transparent application process. As the application process becomes more open, more companies will have the opportunity to seek investment support through IPCEIs.

In order to facilitate knowledge of this framework to Swedish companies, the Swedish Confederation of Swedish Enterprises (Svenskt Näringsliv) has commissioned Copenhagen Economics to write a Handbook for IPCEIs. The Handbook provides hands-on guidance for companies interested in learning more about IPCEIs as well as businesses seeking guidance for each step of the application process.

In the initial chapter, the Handbook describes the opportunities and challenges with seeking support via IPCEIs. While IPCEIs provide an opportunity for companies to seek substantial support, the requirements for being granted aid are higher for projects that contribute to state-of-the-art innovation, positive spill-over effects and cooperation with other EU countries.

In the second chapter, the Handbook describes the application process step-by-step. For each step, we provide hands-on guidance based on our own experience from previous cases and interviews with the European Commission, the Government Offices of Sweden, the Swedish Energy Agency, the Swedish Confederation of Swedish Enterprises, SEEL and ten Swedish companies involved in IPCEI Hydrogen.

The study is commissioned by The Confederation of Swedish Enterprises (Svenskt Näringsliv)