Jobs in Apps

Smartphones and the apps operated on these are becoming an ever more present part of everyday life for billions of people around the world. The market for apps is global in a previously unprecedented way. This means that both small and large players in the industry easily can reach more than 2 bn. smartphone users, by designing their apps for just a few platforms.

The Developers Alliance and Google has asked Copenhagen Economics to assess the App Economy in the Nordic region, with the main focus of quantifying the number of supported jobs today and the potential in the future.

We do this through a careful examination of the industry including multiple interviews with app companies of the Nordic region, combined with a rigorous economic input-output analysis.

We find that the Nordic countries have succeeded in translating a digital frontrunner position into a leading position within the App Economy. Relative to their respective size, the Nordic countries have captured a disproportionally large part of the market and several major players in the app business have their roots in the Nordic region.

The main conclusions of our study are

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The study is commissioned by Google and the Developers Alliance