Kallak – a real asset, and a real opportunity to transform Jokkmokk

For a number of years, the Kallak iron ore deposit in Jokkmokk in Nothern Sweden has been explored and developed by mineral exploration company Beowulf Mining Plc. The company has applied for a mineral exploitation concession for the area, which is currently pending before the Swedish Government. The project is expected to generate considerable economic activity and jobs, but history tells us that the full local economic effects from mining projects may not be met automatically. Rather, partnerships and collaborations between the company and local stakeholders are key to the success and maximisation of local benefits.          

In this report, we compile socio-economic work carried out on the Kallak project to date and summarise the potential of the Kallak project to transform the local economy of Jokkmokk, the Norrbotten region, and Sweden. We then outline a plan for how Beowulf fully exploits the economic potential for all in close collaboration with local stakeholders and through commercial partnerships. This follows from Copenhagen Economics’ approach to local value creation and matches the development philosophy of Beowulf Mining Plc.

The main conclusions of the study are:

The study is commissioned by Beowulf Mining Plc.