Orphan medicine incentives

This Report builds on the work of the European Expert Group for Orphan Drug Incentives (hereafter, OD Expert Group).

The OD Expert Group is a cross-disciplinary group of experts representing different stakeholders in the rare disease community. The group includes experts from research, academia, patient groups, rare disease companies, investors and trade associations.

The OD Expert Group worked together with Copenhagen Economics in a series of workshops and interviews to investigate how the current policy framework for OMP incentives needs to change to fit the unique challenges and needs of the OMP development landscape today, to the benefit of rare disease patients.

In this report, the OD Expert Group makes a set of policy proposals that will improve the OMP incentive framework while reflecting the different stakeholder perspectives. This report presents the variety of proposals discussed in the OD Expert Group but may not reflect in detail the views of every individual member of the group.

The study is commissioned by the European Expert Group on Orphan Drug Incentives.