Sustainable use of resources – The basis for a measuring instrument

Society is characterised by linear value chains that has led to great environmental pressures. It is therefore important to help companies reduce their consumption of resources, support sustainable production, and increase the circulation of resources in society.

It is important, but difficult, to make the development towards a more sustainable use of resources more visible. This project lays the foundation for a measurement instrument that will measure sustainable use of resources and its development over time. The final goal is to have an available measurement instrument that companies in several sectors can use to put their resource use into perspective and monitor developments over time.

We propose a user-friendly instrument that focuses on direct resource use and circularity. By measuring their use of resources and its development over time, companies can get an overall picture of how their use of resources stands against that of other similar companies. To measure resource use (and emissions) we recommend using resource intensity (emission intensity). To measure circularity, we recommend the circularity measure “C”. By complementing resource intensity with “C”, reuse of materials and that produced waste goes to recycling is rewarded.

The study is commissioned by the strategic innovation program RE:Source.