The Capital Region of Denmark as a financial centre

Original title: Hovedstadsregionen som finansielt centrum

The Danish financial sector has now more than regained is strength after the financial crisis, with solid earnings  and a capitalisation above pre-crisis level. This makes the timing right for an assessment of how the sector going forward can contribute to growth and high value job creation.

A group of relevant stakeholders, organised around Axcelfuture, has asked Copenhagen Economics to analyse the topic, with a particular focus on the Copenhagen region where the sector is increasingly based.

In the report, we find that the rapid technological progress within the financial sector is increasingly intensifying international competition. At the same time, Brexit opens up possibilities to attract London based companies that want to be domiciled within EU.

In this context, we find three areas, where the Copenhagen region has strong competencies:

However, we find some barriers preventing the Copenhagen financial sector to fully reach its potential, including:

The study is commissioned by Axcelfuture 



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