The economic contribution of Huawei in Europe in the year 2021

After Huawei began its activities in Europe with the opening of a research centre in Stockholm, Sweden, in the year 2000, Huawei expanded its European activities and nowadays maintains 27 research facilities across Europe. In addition to leading important research projects and fostering innovation in Europe, especially in the field of digitalisation and better technology, Huawei contributes to the European economy and broader society both via its operations and by procuring goods and services from European businesses.

Huawei has commissioned Copenhagen Economics to quantify its economic contribution and investigate its contribution to innovation and long-term growth in Europe in 2021.

The main conclusions of our study

Based on a global input-output model and data obtained from Huawei and official national statistics, we find that in 2021, Huawei

via direct contributions (value added directly arising at the local European offices of Huawei), indirect contributions (arising through Huawei’s purchases from European suppliers), and induced contributions (arising through salary spending by Huawei’s employees).

In addition, we also find that Huawei boosts research activities and innovation in Europe by investing in many different R&D projects. In 2020, Huawei ranked second on the EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard with global R&D investments of close to EUR 19 bn in 2021. Huawei is also the largest patent applicant in Europe with more than 3,500 applications registered at the European Patent Office in 2021. Projects are often carried out in collaboration with top-tier European Universities and research institutions, which not only ensures funding for academic research projects but also leads to knowledge sharing and spillover effects on society.

With its R&D investments in Europe, Huawei can be characterised as a driving force in achieving Europe’s policy goals related to innovation and digitalisation, which both are key to enabling the green transition.

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