The social housing sector’s contribution to sustainable development and availability

Original title: Den almene sektors bidrag til klimamål og tilgængelighed

The Danish Social Housing Sector plays an important role in Danish society by providing access to affordable and good quality housing to all groups in society. Moreover, the social housing sector is a driver of energy efficient buildings and accessible homes for elderly and disabled.

Our client wanted to demonstrate the value of their renovation efforts to policy makers and external stakeholders. We conducted a thorough analysis of the benefits associated with the client’s renovation of buildings in terms of its efficiency in providing energy efficiency improvements in buildings and in meeting the growing need for accessible housing.

We assessed the costs of achieving these benefits relative to alternative ways of bringing about the same improvements. Our client was able to demonstrate its significant value to Danish society in terms of efficient energy renovations and efficient provision of accessible housing. Based on this, the client managed to gain political support for increasing its renovation efforts in social housing.

Copenhagen Economics showed a high level of understanding for our problems in an adaptive political context. Their work added significant value to us
Frans Clemmesen, Cheføkonom - BL Danmarks Almene Boliger