The value of increased diagnosis of osteoporosis

Original title: Gevinsterne ved øget diagnosticering af knogleskørhed

In this new study, we quantify the value of increased diagnosis of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a disease causing accelerated bone loss, which results in an increased risk of experiencing fractures. Fractures decrease quality of life for the affected individual, and give rise to a range of cost drivers for society. 

Today many individuals have osteoporosis without being diagnosed with it. This suggests an economic and life quality potential from finding these individuals, diagnosing them and starting them on preventive treatment, to prevent future fractures.

We have conducted a survey among members of the Danish Osteoporosis Association. Almost 1,000 individuals completed the survey, making it the largest systematic study of the consequences of osteoporosis in Denmark to date. By combining the results of the survey with existing literature and interviews with key experts within the field, we analysed the socio-economic and quality of life effect of osteoporosis in Denmark.

Some main results of the study are

The study is commissioned by Amgen Denmark