The World in Europe: Intra-European FDI

This stand-alone report analyses FDI flows across borders within Europe (intra-European FDI) with the purpose of comparing drivers and impacts of intra-European FDI with extra-European FDI. Based on the analysis, we draw the following main conclusions:

The report is part of a two-year research programme, The World in Europe, global FDI flows towards Europe. The programme casts new light on three topics related to the integration of Europe in the world economy:

Key conclusions and recommendations related to each of these topics can be found in three stand-alone reports and a number of scientific reports that contain detailed methodological descriptions and results. The insights gained from the study are summarised in a synthesis report that cuts across the three topics.

Download synthesis report

Download scientific report – Collection of intra-European FDI

Download scientific report – Drivers and impacts of intra-European FDI

The study is commissioned by ESPON