Towards a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Attractiveness Scoreboard

FDI brings new capital, technology and knowledge into the EU. The crisis hit the EU economy hard and the EU share of global FDI has fallen. The low growth prospects in the EU make the EU less attractive for multinational companies compared to other investment locations. That calls for action by EU policy makers.

The European Commission has asked Copenhagen Economics to identify the main drivers of FDI into the EU and construct an FDI Attractiveness Scoreboard that can be used to benchmark individual countries on their attractiveness. Measured by 18 indicators for 44 countries, the Scoreboard shows that Finland, Ireland and the Netherlands are the most attractive EU countries for FDI, while Italy, Greece and Croatia are the least attractive.

The study also includes detailed case studies of the investment climate in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Romania and Italy.

The study is commissioned by DG Growth at the European Commission.