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Financial Sector
Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association

The economic footprint of Swedish Venture Capital and Private Equity

Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) provide unique ways of developing and scaling high-potential companies. They bring capital to high-risk companies and deploy active ownership, thereby helping to scale...


Judiciary at breaking point

A well-functioning society needs a well-functioning judiciary. But the courts in Denmark are overburdened. The court case processing times for both criminal and civil cases have generally increased in recent...

TMT & Digital

The economic contribution of Huawei in Europe in the year 2021

After Huawei began its activities in Europe with the opening of a research centre in Stockholm, Sweden, in the year 2000, Huawei expanded its European activities and nowadays maintains 27...

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Flash glucose monitoring: The societal net cost of offering flash glucose monitors to people with type 2 diabetes on insulin treatment in Norway

Flash Glucose Monitors are medical devices that help people with diabetes monitor their blood sugar. The devices offer people with diabetes an alternative to the conventional finger pricking method. Academic...

Financial Sector

Supporting growth and the green transformation: how to maximise the contribution from banks in troubled times

Today, Helge Sigurd Næss-Schmidt, Partner at CE and lead for our Financial Sector service, discussed how the banking sector could contribute to growth and green transformation going forward. There were...

Climate & Sustainability
Alliance for Bio Solutions under the Danish Chamber of Commerce

The potentials of bio solutions

Climate and sustainability potentials, barriers to growth, and Danish strongholds Biotechnological climate solutions, or bio solutions, are important enablers for the decarbonisation of processes in industries that are otherwise difficult...

Greenland & The Arctic

The state of play in the Greenlandic business environment

Despite the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the story of the Greenlandic economy in 2021 is mostly positive. GDP growth is thought to have increased compared to 2020, while...

TMT & Digital

Same same but different – how the UK and Austria came to conflicting conclusions on Meta/Giphy

In a recent decision, the United Kingdom’s Competition Appeal Tribunal largely dismissed Meta’s appeal against a decision by the Competition and Markets Authority requiring Meta to sell Giphy in its...

Climate & Sustainability

Supporting a cost-effective grid strategy for electrification. Co-location and cost-reflective tariffs

Direct and indirect electrification from intermittent renewable energy sources are key pillars of the green transition. Yet, they pose challenges to the energy system and grid regulation schemes as we...

Climate & Sustainability

The economic value of submarine cables in the Arctic

Digital transformation is driving steady growth in the need for digital infrastructure to facilitate the transport of data. Data centres and digital connectivity are essential for enabling these data flows....

Healthcare & Life Sciences
Danish Association of Parallel Importers of Pharmaceuticals


The practice of parallel imports of pharmaceuticals has taken place in Denmark and the rest of the EU since the 1970s. In 2021, parallel imports accounted for 16% of turnover...

Financial Sector

Impact of Final Basel III on the EU mortgage sector

In the autumn of 2021, the European Commission released Banking Package 2021 with a proposal on how to implement the Final Basel III agreement in the EU. The package deviates...

Copenhagen Economics

Cargotec/Konecranes: red card to mix-and-match remedies?

In a recent decision, the United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority blocked the proposed merger between Cargotec Corporation and Konecranes plc after its Phase 2 investigation identified substantial competition concerns....

Tender & Auction Support
Copenhagen Economics

BOEM sells seabed off the seashore

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) recently held an auction to allocate offshore lease sites in the New York Bight. The lease sites will be used by the winning...

State Aid
Copenhagen Economics

Do you know your funding gap?

New guidelines open for more state aid to green investments, but applicants should expect more focus on the economic need for aid. Aligning the EU state aid guidelines with the...

TMT & Digital
Copenhagen Economics

Digital competition enforcement in the Nordics

Digital markets and platforms have increasingly attracted the attention of Nordic competition authorities in recent years. The interest had led to a large influx of reports and articles, exploring competition...