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Healthcare & Life Sciences
Copenhagen Economics

Adding uncertainty to incentivise investments in risky areas

An economic perspective on how the European Commission’s proposal to direct incentives towards areas of high unmet medical need could nullify them Despite the significant progress made in the treatment...

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Development of novel therapies

How can Europe speed up development of therapies for the 95% of rare diseases with no authorised treatment? Today, a significant share of the rarest diseases lacks an approved treatment...

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Innovating for people living with a rare disease

Rare diseases are a common health issue and affect up to 30 million Europeans. Twenty years ago, the European Orphan Medicinal Product (OMP) Regulation was put in place as an...

Healthcare & Life Sciences
Gilead Sciences, Inc.

The impact of remdesivir in the European Union

In July 2020, remdesivir became the first antiviral therapy approved for COVID-19 in Europe Soon after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, remdesivir was studied as a potential treatment for...

Healthcare & Life Sciences
Interfarma and PhRMA

Regulatory data protection for pharmaceuticals

Innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry requires significant investments. Intellectual property rights, such as regulatory data protection (RDP), are in place to incentivise innovation. RDP is a key feature of the...

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Flash glucose monitoring: The societal net cost of offering flash glucose monitors to people with type 2 diabetes on insulin treatment in Norway

Flash Glucose Monitors are medical devices that help people with diabetes monitor their blood sugar. The devices offer people with diabetes an alternative to the conventional finger pricking method. Academic...

Healthcare & Life Sciences
Danish Association of Parallel Importers of Pharmaceuticals


The practice of parallel imports of pharmaceuticals has taken place in Denmark and the rest of the EU since the 1970s. In 2021, parallel imports accounted for 16% of turnover...

Healthcare & Life Sciences
US Hereditary Angioedema Association (HAEA)

Assessing the cost and quality of life impact of on demand only medications for adults with hereditary angioedema

Our real-world patient data showed the cost and QoL burden of HAE treatment with on-demand‐only therapy. Novel subcutaneous (SC) prophylactic therapies are transforming the treatment landscape of hereditary angioedema (HAE)....

Healthcare & Life Sciences
The Suppliers of Parallel Imported Medicines in Finland

Savings from parallel import of pharmaceuticals in Finland 2016-2020

The Finnish government is determined to create efficiencies in the market of pharmaceuticals. With this ambition in mind, parallel imports (PI) of pharmaceuticals can be part of the answer. PI...

Healthcare & Life Sciences

The impact of plasma derived therapies in Europe

Plasma-derived therapies are therapies derived from human plasma. They are manufactured using a fractionation process where the relevant proteins in plasma are separated out. Plasma is the single largest component...

Healthcare & Life Sciences
European Expert Group on Orphan Drug Incentives

Orphan medicine incentives

This Report builds on the work of the European Expert Group for Orphan Drug Incentives (hereafter, OD Expert Group). The OD Expert Group is a cross-disciplinary group of experts representing...

Healthcare & Life Sciences
Acute Team Odense (Akutteam Odense)

The value of Acute Team Odense – an economic analysis of the value of Acute Team Odense’s activities in citizens’ own homes

Acute Team Odense (ATO) is a team of nurses with specialised training in acute care, who treat citizens in their own homes in the municipality of Odense, Denmark. ATO makes...

Healthcare & Life Sciences
Ministry of Employment and Economic Affairs of Finland

Making markets work in the interest of patients

The Finnish health and social care system ranks high in international comparisons. However, like in many other European countries, owing to the ageing population and increasing health and social care...

Healthcare & Life Sciences
Abbott Norway

Economic impact of flash glucose monitoring of diabetes in Norway

Flash Glucose Monitoring is a new and superior way for people with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose level, which is already available to people with type I diabetes in...

Healthcare & Life Sciences

The unsustainable trajectory of global healthcare and ways forward

At Copenhagen Economics’ Healthcare & Life Sciences service, we see a number of completely uncoordinated events in contemporary healthcare, which we do not believe are unrelated. In fact, the events...

Healthcare & Life Sciences
The Danish Diabetes Association (Diabetesforeningen)

Economic impact of sensor-based glucose monitoring of diabetes in Denmark

Sensor-based glucose monitoring is a new and superior way for people with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose level. Today’s most common way for people to monitor their blood glucose...