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Following the Paris Agreement, nearly every country in the world agreed to cut Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions to ensure that temperature increases are kept “well below 2 degrees Celsius”. Though a huge political commitment at the time, the market has since moved fast to meet the requirements set by the Paris Agreement. Investments in R&D have increased, promising green technologies have matured and there have been ever-increasing investments in market-based renewable energy on the production side.

More and more businesses are looking to reduce their GHG emissions through obtaining their energy from green sources and ensuring the use of green energy and sustainable solutions throughout their value chains.

An intensified political focus has helped drive down the costs of renewable power production significantly. Solar and wind are now the cheapest known sources of new power production and can claim a healthy market share alongside the more established power generation sources of fossil fuel and nuclear.

This has paved the way for large cuts in emissions from the power and heating sectors, not in just Denmark and the Nordics, but also in the EU, where an ambitious target has been set to meet all of the power and heating needs of the 27 States via carbonless power sources by 2050.

Our Climate & Sustainability team help clients in the public and private sectors navigate the green transition, offering expert insights on how to craft efficient climate policies and maximise their involvement in green investments. We provide in-depth climate strategy advice for both investors, energy companies and energy users, and help private clients assess GHG emissions in addition to developing and implementing GHG emission strategies and instruments. We are currently involved in a number of projects with global players at the cutting edge of the green transition. Such projects include work on sustainable finance and sustainable technologies, such as Power-to-X and Corporate PPA’s.

Copenhagen Economics is part of COMBI, a Horizon 2020 research programme focusing on the multiple benefits of energy efficiency

We help our clients with

We assist private commercial clients on how to efficiently deliver on their ESG agenda, with a primary focus on meeting climate and environmental targets. We help clients develop GHG reduction strategies and targets for both Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions and advise on how to archive such reduction targets.

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We advise and produce fact-based analyses on the investment climate and investment opportunities relating to the green transition. This includes valuation, market analysis, technology and cost screening, and regulatory due diligence support with a focus on climate policies.

We help public clients develop efficient socio-economic climate policy structures, and help private clients in navigating, investing and operating under current and upcoming climate policy frameworks. We have a dedicated team with extensive experience in climate policy and instrument design, including conducting economic impact assessments of such policies at the macro and micro level. We also provide advice to private clients on how current and impending climate policy frameworks can affect them, offering support on how to efficiently prepare their ventures and businesses for the transition toward a zero-emission economy.

The work carried out by Copenhagen Economics for the Renovate Europe Campaign broke new ground in the debate around the benefits of investing in energy efficiency and has, in several ways, advanced the EU agenda in this topic. In executing the contract for us, Copenhagen Economics were professional, impartial and eloquent. I would unhesitatingly use their services again.
Adrian Joyce, Campaign Director - Renovate Europe
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