Expert Competition Economics Consultancy for Merger Reviews and Antitrust Cases

The significance of economic evidence in competition cases has grown substantially. As markets become increasingly complex and digital, competition authorities around the world are dedicated to using economic tools to investigate competition law matters, including mergers, antitrust, and state aid.

At Copenhagen Economics, our competition team helps clients construct and articulate compelling, evidence-based arguments rooted in robust competition economics. As a leading competition economics consultancy, we advise across a range of areas, including merger reviews, evaluations of horizontal and vertical agreements, and investigations into potential abuses of dominant positions. We play an important role in providing economic evidence for state aid investigations and contribute to market studies underlying proposals for regulatory reforms.

Amidst increased scrutiny in this field, our team of quantitative experts assists clients and legal teams in navigating through complex and data-intensive requests from authorities. Our competition economics consultants ensure comprehensive responses by employing a mix of well-established and innovative tools, ranging from survey-based analyses and ‘catchment’ areas to advanced econometric techniques.

We provide support for companies contemplating mergers to identify and assess competition risks. Where competition authorities or the European Commission investigate and pursue mergers, we support parties by, for example, defining relevant markets and assessing the impact of the proposed merger on competition.

Strategic Economic Evidence and Analysis for State Aid and Regulatory Reforms

In antitrust cases, our support spans many different types of potential conduct, including the implications of anti-competitive practices engaged by a dominant undertaking and vertical and horizontal agreements between firms. Our analysis helps clients understand and document competition implications before the Commission and national authorities, including DG Comp.

Our team of quantitative experts provides hands-on, customised economic and strategic advice to private clients, authorities, and state-owned companies across a range of state aid matters. By applying our knowledge of economics and corporate finance, we help our clients solve complex problems through rigorous analysis presented in a clear and intuitive manner that can withstand scrutiny from relevant authorities and courts. Our state aid team is composed of international experts experienced in applying economic and financial methods in state aid cases. We combine our core expertise in economics and finance with sector-specific knowledge in areas such as energy, postal, telecoms, and transport industries.

As regulatory reforms pose new challenges, we step in to assist both private and public clients in estimating the impact of these changes on competition and consumers. Our role involves providing crucial information to inform policy debates and decision-making with which the bar is increasingly high when it comes to the standard of evidence required.

We help our clients with

We assist clients with screening for potential concerns that the competition authorities might have. We provide economic support throughout merger investigations, for example by defining the relevant market, assessing market and efficiency effects, and documenting the effect of commitments.

We assist companies contemplating mergers and acquisitions by providing analytical support to help them understand competitive implications and regulatory risks before they materialise. We regularly employ well-established and novel tools, from survey-based analyses and ‘catchment’ areas, to advanced econometric techniques.

We assist private clients with screening and measuring the economic consequences for consumers and competition of commercial activity from dominant firms or commercial agreements, for example pricing and rebates. This may be carried out either when a case has been opened or as a precautionary compliance initiative.

We help European public or private clients determine whether financial support to commercial activities constitute state aid or not using the market investor test or whether it may be allowable due to the balance test.

We help private and public clients to estimate the impact of regulatory change on competition, providing information that may be used to argue for the introduction or removal of certain regulation.

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