Dispute Support

Expert Dispute Support Services and Litigation

When disputes arise, it is crucial to resolve them efficiently and judiciously. The success of any legal action depends on the quality of the evidence, making it essential to have the most comprehensive evidence possible. Our team of experienced consulting economists provides economic expertise within dispute support and strategic advice to help you succeed in commercial, antitrust, market abuse, or intellectual property disputes. We work closely with legal counsel to advise on leveraging economic expertise as part of your case strategy, whilst maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of expert opinions. 

Our team of experts in economics, industrial organisation, finance, valuation, regulation, statistics, econometrics, and data science carefully examine and challenge every aspect of a damages case using the best methods available. We are dedicated to communicating our technical economic expert opinions clearly and intuitively to judges and arbitration panels, ensuring that your case is heard and understood. 

Strategic Economics Consulting for Dispute Resolution

Our geographical reach is extensive, regularly working on significant antitrust disputes litigated in Europe. We have experience acting on both the claimants’ and defendants’ sides and with various claim aggregation solutions, including group claims, the assignment model, and opt-in and opt-out class actions. We are often called upon to act as experts by courts and tribunals. 

We support our clients throughout the entire process, from initial risk and opportunity assessment to providing continuous advice and evidence through arbitration or trial. 

If you would like to have a noncommittal meeting to find out how we can assist you in this area, please reach out to the contact person below.

We help our clients with

We assist clients with assessing economic and financial damages that may arise from commercial disputes as e.g. contract breach, management liability, procurement conflict, and industrial espionage.

We assist clients with assessing economic and financial damages that may arise after an anti-trust decision from national or European competition authorities; for example regarding abuse of dominant position, margin squeeze and cartels.

We assist with assessing economic and financial in cases of civil compensation arising from misrepresentation, insider trading and price manipulation in securities markets.

We assist clients with assessing economic and financial damages that may arise from an IP dispute concerning for example patent and trademark infringement, patent invalidation, industrial espionage, and misuse of trade secrets.